“I recently bought a car from an online sales company and needed to have it shipped from Alhambra to Sanford where I live. I found Car Transport when searching online for car transport companies and I got a free quote from them. They were far more affordable than other places that I contacted and the agent was very knowledgeable about the transport industry. He had my car scheduled within just a few minutes and it was delivered to me in less than a week. I’ll definitely be referring everyone that I know to this outstanding company when they need to have a car moved. Thank you very much for the lightning fast transport and the best rate in the state!”-Jeff Bertolini-Sanford, CA


“My daughter moved away to go to college in Ohio and we needed to have her car shipped to her after she moved. Car Transport worked fast and had the car to her in just under a week so she would have it before her classes started this semester. I feel so much better about her safety knowing she can drive and will not have to walk across campus, especially at night. You guys worked hard and our rep was very nice when we spoke to him on the phone when we called to book the transport.”-Bethany Harper-Santa Cruz, CA


“I buy and sell used cars and frequently need to have them shipped to locations around the U.S. I had a car shipped through Car Transport last year and have used them for every vehicle that I have shipped ever since that time. They offer the most economical prices and have the best carriers in the business. I could not imagine hiring a different company now that I’ve seen what a truly great company can offer. Thanks for the last year of excellent service and I look forward to doing business with you all for all of my future car transport needs.”-Jeff Millinger-Arcadia Bay, CA